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High Speed Cup Thermoforming Machine

Welcome. The plastic cup making machine we are introducing to you is a full automatic cup thermoforming machine that is developed according to user's requirements. The feeding and drawing of the plastic sheet are both finished through imported servo motors and the cup machine can be used in the molding of PP, HIPS, PVC and PET cups.

Features of high speed cup thermoforming machine, HFTF-70T
1. Rapid mould changing device.
2. Buffer design is adopted for the width of chain holder thus eliminating chain binding condition resulting from insufficient heating of sheet.
3. Up and down ceramic heater are adopted for heating, and several sets of SSR and PID temperature controller is available.

4. This plastic cup making machine comes with an automatic cup stacker system
5. PLC and humanized color touch screen control operation interface makes this plastic cup thermoforming machine simple for operation.
6. Mould automatic memory system

Parameter of high speed cup thermoforming machine, HFTF-70T

Max. Forming Area 700×300mm
Max. Forming Depth 120mm
Sheet Thickness Range 0.2-2.0mm
Max. Forming Speed 10-30cycles/min
Feeding Servo Motor 5kw
Main Motor 11kw
Plug Servo Motor 11kw
Stacker Servo Motor 3kw

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