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  • Automatic Thermoforming MachineEquipped with imported servo motor, rapid mould changing device and mould automatic memory system, automatic thermoforming machine is mainly applied to produce PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET and PLA plastic sheets. All sheets produced by automatic ...
  • Cup Thermoforming Machine, HFTF-660A, HFTF-660C Cup MachineWe are a professional cup thermoforming machine manufacturer in China. We are trying our best to use highly automatic production facilities in order to improve production efficiency, and we also make improvements on existing products according to ...
  • On-line Punching Plastic Thermoforming MachineA plastic thermoforming machine is applicable for forming PP, HIPS, PS, PVC, PET and PE plastic sheets which are mainly used for making plastic cups, bowls, covers, boxes, and trays, including milk cup, jelly cup, ice cream cup, chocolate boxes ...

Thermoforming Machine

Plastic thermoforming machine is developed on the basis of rubber machinery and die casting machine.

Injection molding, extrusion molding, and blow molding are commonly used methods for plastic forming. The following is the general operation procedure of a plastic forming machine. Firstly, make the parison, and then use compressed air to blow up the parison and make it adhere to the mold tightly. After cooling, a finished product is achieved.

Classification of plastic forming machine
1 Plastic thermoforming machine.
2 Plastic extrusion machine
3 Plastic blow molding machine
4 Multilayer blow molding
5 Press and transfer molding machine
6 Plastic injection molding machine

We at UTOP mainly produce plastic cup thermoforming machine which can be simply called plastic cup making machine. Coming with combined forming and punching tools, UTOP thermoforming machine has found applications in all types of plastic container forming fields. To illustrate, it can be used for manufacture of plastic cup, bowl, plate, lid, and various other containers like milk cup, jelly cup, disposable cup and instant noodle bowl. Compared with the similar products on international market, UTOP thermoforming machine has the follow advantages.
1 Imported touch screen
2 Micro-computer and PLC
3 Frequency inverter of the Panasonic Company
4 Encoder of the OMRON Company
5 Heating, stretching, molding, site cutting and stacking can be finished at a stroke.
6 The plastic cup making machine we are supplying is easy to operate and steady in function.

As a professional plastic thermoforming machine manufacturer, we have more than 20 years' experience in this industry. The advanced production technique and technologies we have acquired ensure the high quality of our products. We also give strict inspection to all the materials and final products in order to make sure that every product is up to grade.
In addition, we at UTOP can also manufacture plastic extrusion machine, offset cutting machine and automatic cup stacker, etc. All our products have passed the CE Safety Certification and are exported to countries such as Bulgaria, Algeria, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Bengal, Sri Lanka, Greek, and India, etc. due to their reliable performance and competitive prices.

In addition to products listed on our product list, we can also design and manufacture nonstandard thermoforming machine, plastic extruder, etc. according to customers' demands. We will be able to delivery goods within 30 days. We accept T/T and L/C payment terms. If you want to know the information about our products, please turn to the relevant pages. Thank you for your visiting. We are looking forward to your cooperation.

Main Products
  • Automatic Cup StackerThis automatic cup stacker is applicable for a wide range of applications, as it boasts no restrictions on cup heights and diameters. It is characterized by high operation speed, low energy consumption, stable operation ...
  • Plastic Cup Lip Curling MachineDesigned based on pneumatic, mechanical and electrical technologies, this plastic cup lip curling machine is able to finish cup feeding, curling, delivering, and stacking at one stoke. It is applicable for lip ...
  • Offset Printing MachineThe printing speed is adjustable, so the offset printing machine is able to satisfy your different demands.
    It is able to print on curved surfaces, so it is commonly used for printing on plastic cups, plastic bowls, and so ...